Southwest (3rd Ward)

Established - Diverse - Community Driven

Homes near Schmidt Community Center

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Lansing River Trail Extension

Lansing River Trail Extension

Alfreda Schmidt Community Center

Alfreda Schmidt South Side Community Center

You can’t visit Southwest Lansing without noticing the feeling of deep-rootedness here. Most of the residents in Southwest Lansing have called this place home for years, if not decades, and that fact lends itself to a feeling of steadiness and purpose that differs from other parts of the city. Some of the city’s most well-established civic organizations are located here and provide comprehensive support services to those in the area, as well as forming strong coalitions of residents dedicated to creating vibrant neighborhoods. The South Side Community Coalition and the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing offer youth, teen, and senior programs as well as offering 4-H gardening programs. There’s also the Webster Farm Community Garden where old and new Lansing residents come to grow and tend their vegetables. The Alfreda Schmidt Community Center is one of the cornerstones of Southwest Lansing and serves as a gathering space and resource hub for those looking to get involved. And the South West Action Group, one of the area's newest civic organizations, is helping to revitalize the area around Pleasant Groves and Holmes by working with partners to build a new, community-designed town square. Though these are just a few of the many groups working in Southwest Lansing, they represent a larger theme that you’ll notice if you come to visit: Southwest Lansing residents are hardworking people committed to helping others and making Lansing a great place to live.