Code Compliance FAQ



  • Park on fully paved surfaces
  • Store boats, campers, or recreational vehicles in garages or other authorized storage facilities
Be considerate of neighbors

​Excessive Noise & Odors

  • Citywide quiet hours are generally between 10pm and 7am
  • Homes that produce excessive fumes and odors must be registered with the Code Compliance Office: (517) 483-4361
  • Excessive vehicle or residential noise that can be heard across your property line should be reported to the City of Lansing Police Department: (517) 483-4600
Maintain your property

Lawn Care & Outdoor Furniture

  • You are responsible for the upkeep of your own property
  • Mow lawn to 8 inches in length or less
  • Remove weeds from property frontage
  • Clip overgrown bushes and shrubs
  • Use only outdoor furniture on the exterior of your property
  • Use indoor furniture only inside your home
trash icon

Trash & Recycling

  • Remove trash and debris from all parts of property
  • Remove tools and waste materials from car repairs from front of property
  • Use city-approved trash bins and trash cans
  • Return trash and recycling bins to your home after curbside pickup
  • Tag large waste items for garbage pickup
  • Waster material pickup times are posted in the Lansing Living city guide
  • Do not use tarps to cover unsightly debris.
Pay attention to code compliance

Property Upgrades

  • Call the City Planning Department: (517) 483-4066 to get permission for your project
  • Fencing, sheds, room additions, and accessory buildings may require clearance from the City Planning Department
Keep dogs quiet

​Animal Control Issues

  • Aggressive/biting dogs, abandoned pets , deceased domestic strays, and exotic pets are all handled by Animal Control: (517) 676-8370
  • Please contact your local municipality regarding excessive noise/barking complaints.
Youth should not be out after 10pm

Youth Curfews

  • Children 12 years or younger must be indoors between 10pm and 6am
  • Children ages 13 through 16 must be indoors between 12am and 6am

For more information on Code Compliance in the City of Lansing, please visit the Planning Office website.