Citizens Academy

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Please apply for The 2020 Citizens Academy HERE

The City of Lansing's Citizens Academy is an 11 week civic engagement course.
Participants will meet weekly for 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday evenings beginning Tuesday September 8, 2020, from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Citizens Academy provides an opportunity for City of Lansing residents to engage and  learn more about the role the City plays in their everyday lives with a specified course schedule focused on the process of City Government and how residents can impact the decisions made within each department.

Group tours will include City Hall, the BWL grid control room, and other City facilities. Presentations will be given by local City officials and department directors and staff. A light meal will be served each week.

Applicant criteria: 
A City of Lansing resident (either homeowner or renter) and 18 years or older. No prior local government experience necessary, all residents are welcome to apply! Considerations for AP Government high school students will be made. Applicants must complete an application for consideration. Applicants cannot be running for, or currently serving in an elected office. Applicants must be current on their property taxes. The  class will be a cohort of 24. Admitted participants will be notified beginning: Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

 Please apply for The 2020 Citizens Academy HERE

'As a newer Lansing resident, I was really interested in learning more about my community. I enjoyed learning about how Lansing runs and grows through the Citizens Academy program. Each week focused on a different sector and brought in City officials with huge amounts of knowledge to share with our group. We toured important buildings around the City and were given a unique opportunity to learn how Lansing functions. I especially enjoyed learning about the City Clerk's office and the organization and hard work that goes into the election process. Getting an insider look at the voting machines and learning about the huge amount of care that goes into the election process made me proud to live in Lansing.' 
-Carly Pollack, Fall 2018 Citizens Academy graduate