Housing and Neighborhood Resource Summits

1st Ward Summit

Housing and Neighborhood Resource Summit

2nd Ward Summit

2nd Ward Summit

2nd Ward Summit

2nd Ward Summit vendors

Quarterly resource summits are held out of different Lansing School District schools and hosted by the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement to provide citizens and community resources to connect to one another. Summit vendors have included: Capital Area Housing Partnership, Ingham County Land Bank, Home Depot, Ace Hardward, City of Lansing Human Resources, City Clerk's Office, State of Michigan Attorney General, McLaren Health Systems, Lansing Pathway, City of Lansing Planning & Development Office, and other civic organizations.

​Upcoming 2018 Summits

3rd Ward: Pleasant View Magnet School--November 27th, 2018 6:00PM to 8:00PM