Lansing Ward History Project

  1. Hall of Justice

    The Hall of Justice, dedicated in 2002, is headquarters for the state’s judicial branch of government. It houses court offices and courtrooms for the Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals..... Read on...
  2. St. Mary Cathedral

    Completed and consecrated in 1913, St. Mary Cathedral has been the cathedral of the Diocese of Lansing since its establishment in 1937.... Read on...
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What is the Lansing Ward History Project?

The Lansing Ward History Project is a partnership between the City of Lansing Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement and the Local History department of Capital Area District Libraries (CADL). The goal of the project is to engage Lansing residents in helping to research the history of their Ward and to share that research on the newly redesigned Lansing Neighborhoods website.

How will the Project work?

CADL’s Local History Specialist will identify Lansing residents who have a dedication to learning their Ward’s history to become “Resident Historians” for the project. These Historians will be supported by the staff at the Local History department in the Downtown Lansing branch. Each Resident Historian will be assigned one key landmark in their Ward to research, and will be responsible for finding historical images or maps of that landmark and developing 3-4 paragraphs of text to explain the history of the landmark.

Where will the Lansing Ward History Project be displayed?

Once Resident Historians have finished researching their landmark, they will submit their proposed content to Heidi Butler, the Local History Specialist at CADL, who will review and approve the content. Heidi will then transfer the content to the City of Lansing Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement’s web developer who will publish the content to the new Lansing Neighborhoods website. Each Resident Historian will have the option to be attributed for their work on the site or to remain anonymous.

How do I get involved in the Lansing Ward History Project?

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Lansing Ward History Project, you should complete the application form, and submit it to the Local History Specialist at CADL by following the instructions at the end of the application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and subject to the approval of the Local History Specialist. If you are selected to become a Resident Historian, Heidi Butler will reach out to you via email to assign you a landmark to research and provide you with the Content Template to complete. No previous research or archival collections experience is necessary to participate in the Lansing Ward History Project.

The Lansing Ward History Project flyer