Neighborhood Stories

  1. Angie Citizens Academy

    Citizen’s Academy Participant Profile: Angeline Boughner

    "Just like me there are so many trying to make a difference in the community. Either by working with in their own neighbors or using their employment to bring the city to place that the community as a whole a can be proud of. " Read on...
  2. Jim DeLine Addresses Picnic Attendees

    Neighbor Profile: Neighbors of Scott Woods’ Jim DeLine

    Jim DeLine is the president of the Neighbors of Scott Woods neighborhood association in Lansing’s 2nd Ward. Read on...
  1. Mayor Schor working with participants to build their budgets

    Participatory Budget Nights: Empowering Residents to be Civically Engaged

    At the first of four Participatory Budget Nights, Lansing residents used Legos to build their ideal city budget. Read on...
  1. Juice Nation in Old Town

    Juice Nation: A Family-Owned Business focused on Getting Lansing Healthy

    Now boasting three locations in downtown Lansing, Old Town, and East Lansing, the store offers rejuvenating juices, smoothies, 1-day reboots, and 3, 5, and 7-day juice cleanse packages for those looking to “press the reset button on their health.” Read on...
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