Westside Neighborhood Association

Westside Neighborhood Organization - Boundaries
  1. Emily DeRushia


    Westside Neighborhood Association
    c/o Letts Community Center
    1220 W Kalamazoo St.
    Lansing, MI 48915

    Meetings: 2nd Tuesday (summer months) of every month. 2nd Monday of every month (school year). 6 p.m. at Letts Community Center.

The Westside Neighborhood Association seeks to address the issues and concerns of Westside Neighborhood residents; to bring neighbors together to support, enhance, and maintain the Westside’s unique qualities as an area that values diversity among its residents; to support excellence in its schools; to improve the quality of life for all residents; and to celebrate the beauty and diversity of its people, housing, parks, and byways. To these ends, the Westside Neighborhood Association may develop, implement, and administer programs, plans, and policies; receive and disperse funds; and act as a representative of the Westside Neighborhood to any government body or public or private organization.