Neighborhood Grants

Any registered civic organization or active neighborhood watch can apply for a neighborhood grant.

Civic organizations are primarily place based organizations that serve a smaller defined area of the City of Lansing. Organizations, while representing unique interests and participating in various social activities, generally focus their efforts in a specific portion of the community but also represent a broad range of stakeholders. The organization must be registered as a non-profit entity with the State of Michigan, or, if not registered, organized as an entity or association with a written Charter or Articles of Organization (or bylaws) that state its purpose; subject to review by the Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement.

Decisions about the eligibility of an organization are at the prevue of the City of Lansing’s Department of Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement with the advisement of the Neighborhood Advisory Board.

 If your civic organization is not registered, you can do so at here. Neighborhood organizations, associations and watches are the preferred grant recipients. All projects must impact a neighborhood in the City of Lansing. 

  • Projects of all sizes up to $5,000 will be considered to receive funding. 
  • Organizations may apply for more than one project. 
  • Applicants should complete separate applications for each project.
  • Applicants must indicate which project is their top priority on their application.
Application Opens: October 19, 2019


  • Funds cannot be spent on commercial, private, or rental properties; gift cards; political, religious, or satanic items; alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, marijuana, illegal substances, or firearms. 
  • Funds should not be spent on labor. Labor consists of, but is not limited to, wages for labor, entertainment fees, honorarium, or travel. Neighborhood volunteer and in-kind contributions should be sought for projects. Some exceptions for technical work will be considered. Projects that require special equipment (i.e. licensed operation services) will be considered.
  • All activities must take place inside the City of Lansing.


Direct all questions to:

Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement
200 N Foster Ave Room 205 Lansing, MI 48912

Forms​ & Resources

2019-2020 Programs Launch PowerPoint 
2019-2020 Grant Guidelines

The Grant Guidelines have been updated for the 2019-2020 Grant Cycle. Read to learn more about the grant application process and the limitations for using grant funding.

2019-2020 Civic Organization Registration Form

​2019-2020 Mini Grant Application

​2019-2020 Neighborhood Grant Application
​2019-2020 Grant Extension Form

​2019-2020 Final Grant Report

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2018-2019 Grant Final Report

A Final Report showing all expenditures is due by Friday, September 27, 2019, or at the end of the extension date which should include all original receipts showing expenses.