Trash Tag Challenge

Trash Tag Challenge

Have you seen the #TrashTag Challenge and wanted to know how YOU can get involved?!

During the month of May 2019  Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement had FREE City blue trash bags available (one roll per person). As part of our Live Green Lansing Initiative, we were also using up an old stockpile of retro green city trash bags.

The goal was to help eliminate the barrier of supplies that stops neighborhoods and neighbors from simple neighborhood clean up efforts.

Bags were picked up at 200 N. Foster Ave. Rm. 205 on Thursdays in May from 1 pm-6 pm. Each person also received a SERVELansing t-shirt.

Over 113 citizens visited our office to participate. 127 trash-bag rolls were distributed which equates to 635 total trash-bags given!

The Challenge?

1. Find litter in your neighborhood (vacant lots, curb & gutter, drains, etc.)

2. Take a "before" photo of the scene

3. Clean up and bag the trash in the green or blue bags

4. Then, highlight the change in an "after" picture.

Neighborhood leaders are encouraged to continue to post your photos online and tag the City on social media all summer with #TrashTagChallenge #ServeLansing

All filled City trash bags should go curbside on your designated trash pick up day.

For City bag weight limits and what to avoid putting in City bags, please visit:

For additional information about neighborhood cleanups, check out our resource guide or contact our office!